What We Provide

YeeScan APP

The mobile APP which provides All-in-One Business Solution to both customers and business owners.


LeanServices™ are a pool of mobile internet utilities that are readily available for businesses.

Existing Customer Base

YeeScan platform will drive our large number of existing local users to your business.

Support & Services

We provide customer support and a range of services which make your life more efficient and much easier.


YeeScan App pull your LeanServices to customer’s mobile by scanning your QR Code

It is the ONLY mobile client needed for using LeanServices at both customer and business ends

YeeScan App Main Features

QR Code Scanning

The most versatile scanner with super-fast scan on both QR and bar code

LeanServices Container

Make LeanServices available on your customer’s mobile instantly by scanning your LeanService’s specific QR Code

Free to Use

YeeScan App is free and will always be free

Drive Customers to You

YeeScan App has been installed and used by large amount of users

Our LeanServices are what your business need

Three Easy Steps: 1. Sign Up     2. Pick LeanServices    3. Show your identification QR Code to customers

Getting your own mobile platform ready to use in minutes at low or no cost, and having thousands of local users straightway.

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